Mission & Structure

Chakra Coin price fluctuates following the standard supply and demand basics of finance and economics. Its shrinking supply is allowing for higher price floors - making Chakra Coin a viable and long term investment.


Helping Everyone via Many Means

Chakra Coin is the hope in crypto, sending help, love and care to every investor by making each one part of the Chakra Coin family.

Chakra Coin team members will be donating some of their profits to a charity of their choice, and we encourage everyone in our community to do the same. Share the wealth and help the less fortunate.

RFI Static Rewards & Automatic LP

Holders earn passive rewards through static reflection as they watch their balance of Chakra Coin grow each time a transaction is completed. We charge a 10% transaction fee; this means that 5% goes into a locked liquidity pool and 5% is rewarded to our stakeholders.

Every transaction automatically contributes towards improving and stabilizing the liquidity pool used for swap.

Our Value Mechanism
& Token Burns

Before pre-sale our community has asked us to burn all the tokens that were left ( 37% of the total supply). Those tokens were sent to a dead address and will be permanently locked there forever.

As the dead address is also a holder of Chakra Coin, there will be more tokens burnt overtime. It receives a share of each transaction fee just like any holder, which will decrease our current supply even more overtime!


Much Different from
Every DeFi Protocol

The Chakra Coin community and ecosystem aims at building a long-term, engaged, trusted and thriving play in the cryptocurrency world.

Numerous developments have begun and Chakra Coin intends to introduce constant updates as the community grows. The full roadmap is visible on our website and it is constantly updated. Chakra Coin is a community of upward-moving members geared towards excellence and maximum productivity.

You can be a part of Chakra Coin by joining its channels such as Twitter and Telegram.


The Roadmap

With the help from our investors and the Chakra community, these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieving.

Tokenomics & Details

Chakra Coin is the very 1st deflationary cryptocurrency with an actual cap supply. Other deflationary tokens have a tax burn that will happen for the whole life cycle of that crypto until the circulating supply one day hits 0.

Official fair launch

Oct 26, 2021 (10:00PM GMT)

Total transaction fee

10% (5% Liquidity, 5% Holders)

Contract address


Burned tokens

1 100 000 000 (1.1 B)

Use of ecosystem fund

For Marketing, Development,
Buy Back and Charity

Token launch liquidity

900 000 000 (900 M) Pancakeswap Pool

Officially Launched Oct. 26

Token Allocation

3% Ecosystem
30% Presale
30% Providing Liquidity
37% Burned Tokens

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Most of our discussion takes place in our Telegram Channel where you can ask us any questions. You can also find some frequently asked questions below.

How does the transaction work?

Chakra coin has a 10% tax. 5 % goes to the holders ( instantly and gas-less) and 5% is auto locked into liquidity.

When will you burn more?

We burned more than 37% of the total supply after launch. No more manual burns are currently planned. Our dead wallet burns on each transaction, and that burn is continuously accelerating!

What makes Chakra Coin different from other coins?

We think our strong points are our transparency, strong work ethic and commitment to push our boundaries as much and as often as possible. And of course, as a CHAKRA COIN holder, we basically pay you to hold the token.

When sending Chakra Coin from one wallet to another do transaction taxes apply?

Yes, any transfer incurs the 10% tax. This also applies when you buy and sell.

What are the benefits of projects built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?

BSC is a new smart contract-enabled blockchain that operates parallel to the regular Binance Chain. BSC offers a platform which enables developers to create and execute token contracts relatively easily. Low gas fees, stability, ease of use for all stakeholders (and many more reasons) makes BSC an attractive option.

How can I make sure I don’t get scammed by clone projects?

Always use ONLY our official Telegram Channel. Our team will NEVER DM you to ask about anything. Be EXTREMELY suspicious about anyone DM-ing you with an offer to help, airdrop or generally asking you personal information such as your wallet seed phrase etc. NEVER give out such information. Block and report those persons immediately.

What is a BEP20 coin?

BEP-20 coins are coins created on the Binance Smart Chain